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Two weeks to go – don’t give up now!

There's about two weeks left until the Christmas break and the fresh start that comes with New Year, and I'm soooo looking forward to it! With such a short way to go until 2022, it's easy to feel like giving up on 2021. Diet goes out of the window because of the festivities, exercise takes… Continue reading Two weeks to go – don’t give up now!

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8 Things to do for yourself over the Christmas holidays

Christmas is all about other people. Giving to others, spending time with others and generally being unselfish and generous. But the Christmas break is also the only time when you get genuine downtime. If you are fortunate enough to have time off, chances are the rest of your workplace and sector are also on holiday.… Continue reading 8 Things to do for yourself over the Christmas holidays

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Gift ideas for minimalists

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a simplified Christmas. As part of this preparation, I suggested thinking about gifts that you might want to receive in advance, to avoid people giving you unwanted items and wasting their money. But what do you get a minimalist (or someone who is trying to become more… Continue reading Gift ideas for minimalists

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Preparing for a simplified Christmas

It might feel a bit early to talk about Christmas, but it's actually only sixty days away! And only forty-four business days away if you're thinking about items that need to be ordered and shipped. For me, a big part of making sure the festive season isn't too crazy is to plan ahead a bit… Continue reading Preparing for a simplified Christmas