There’s no mincing words, June has been pretty miserable. Australia is in the midst of a polar cold snap (the actual phrase used on the weather report!), and on top of feeling burnt out at the start of month I’ve had colds/flu/stomach ache more weeks than not. Still no Covid – that’s still out there waiting for me….

This month has been far from stellar, but instead of seeing it as a failure I’m trying to view it as a rest month where I dialed down the habits but didn’t completely switch them off. I’ve written before about being able to lean into different goals more effectively in different seasons, and I’ve definitely felt that this month. The cold weather has made it much harder to exercise and get outdoors, and it’s made hearty pasta dishes much more appealing than fresh salads.

Nevertheless, I haven’t completely given up on any of my habits which I hope will make it easier to kick start them again next month.

My 2022 focus is to build sustainable wellbeing, and I’m also tracking my physical health and wellbeing and personal finances, which have been focuses in previous years.

Sustainable wellbeing

Although I haven’t implemented these focus areas too much this month, they are still working well for me and align with what I think adds the most value.

Stress – I’ve been in a pressure period at work, but I’ve managed to balance this out by reducing the number of personal tasks and projects. The reason this is not green is that I’m not feeling the relief I usually get from exercise and feeling healthier in general.

Nature – Has almost no nature time this month thanks to the bitterly cold weather.

Alone/social time – I’ve had plenty of social time (for my introverted preferences) but could definitely do with a lot more alone time. I had a hair cut, my first professional one since Covid, which was a nice hour of relaxation.

Creating – The blog has continued, and I tried a new recipe cooking something I’d never even heard of – agrodolce, with poached perch and peeled eggplant. Sounds really odd but it was lovely!

Learning/novelty – Went to a wine tasting session with paired gourmet food. Wonderful way to spend an afternoon, and my partner drove so me and my friend could enjoy ourselves 🙂

Physical health

The cold weather has brought an end to my ‘detox’. Although I haven’t completely gone off the rails I’ve eaten more pasta dinners than I would like, and I’m only running once per week. I’ve also kept up my smaller habits, like drinking water, using my sit-stand desk and flossing albeit at a much lower rate than I’m targeting. I think it’s really important never to completely cease these habits because they’ll be a lot harder when you feel like you want to restart.

Personal finances

This month I met my second quarter savings goal of paying an extra $18k off my mortgage over the year. We got letters advising our interest rates would be going up soon, so it’s a nice feeling that we’ve reduced our capital as much as we can this year. I also had $1,900 left in my final paycheck to put into my ‘fun fund’. I’m looking forward to being able to spend this and seeing if it feels guilt free. I’ve also put my usual extra into my Super (retirement fund) and investments. Despite the market drops I’m keeping consistent with these. Checking my mid-year budget, I can see I’m roughly on track in most spending categories that I planned for at the start of the year.

July goals

I didn’t achieve any of my June goals, they were clearly too ambitious! I’ve decided to simplify and just pick one for next month:

  • Organize a weekend away to see my friend in Sydney

How is your 2022 tracking now that we are half-way through?