Last month was a re-set for me. I changed my 2022 focus from what was a surface level goal, ‘fun’ and ‘passion projects’, to something a bit deeper. Instead of thinking about ‘what’ I want to do, I’ve been thinking about ‘why’ and rearticulated my objective into creating a sustainable lifestyle. It’s not about filling my life with entertainment and ephemeral pleasure, it’s about striking the right balance between work, rest and what I enjoy.

In April I also spent a bit of time deciding what this looks like. If my overall focus for the year is now a ‘why’ so are my sub-focus areas. For example, it’s not about travel it’s about novelty and learning. This might be achieved through travel, but it might also be achieved by taking a class, reading a book that I wouldn’t usually go for or discovering some new (to me) music.

As before, I’m also continuing to track my physical health and wellbeing and personal finances, which have been focuses in previous years. These are my foundations of wellness, that if I’m in control of allow me to pursue higher goals with freedom.


My April focus areas feel like they are working well, although I did tweak ‘alone time’ into ‘alone/social time’ as this is an area of balance.

Stress – I’ve cut down on freelance writing as it was starting to become too much hustle. I still feel like I’m in catch-up mode though with my ‘someday’ to-do list bursting off the page.

Nature – No big outings, but I have got out and gone on walks around my suburb every weekend. I’m lucky that there’s a really great view from a hill just a short walk from my house. I make it into a nice 6.5km loop that includes a few tree groves that reflect the seasonal changes in their foliage.

Alone/social time – Social connections has been enough for me, I’d like to get a bit more dedicated alone time next month!

Creating – This was red in April, but I’ve recolored it orange because I didn’t include this blog, and also my cooking which is great creative outlet. This month I’ve cooked a new dhal recipe, and tuna tartare. I don’t have a creative project at the moment which would bring it up into the green.

Learning/novelty – This month I went to a theatre event and tried a new restaurant that I’ve been meaning to go to.

Physical health

My ‘detox’ continues, although it is more of a re-set than a strict diet. I’ve swapped out white rice for brown/black rice, minimized bread and pasta, and severely cut down on alcohol. Weight loss is not the direct goal, but I have lost about 3kg this month and feel a bit trimmer, which is nice.

I’d like to get back my habits of drinking more water and using my sit-stand desk. These are both habits that revolve around my time in the office, which is fairly stressful at the moment and causing me to drop these.

Personal finances

This month I paid for an upcoming July trip, plus a range hood for our kitchen (almost the last expense!). I’m still on track to meet my quarterly goal for extra mortgage repayments and hopefully should have some cash left over in June to put into my ‘fun fund’.

I’m still putting an automatic $300 per fortnight into my investment account. It’s hard at the moment because it seems like it instantly gets swallowed up by share market drops, but this also makes it a good time to continue to buy as prices fall. Never-the-less I’m happy I switched over to paying down my mortgage this year as this is a bit more of a guaranteed benefit.

Goals for June

  • Plan a hike to get a bigger nature fix
  • Get some alone time with a yoga class
  • Drink 750mL water each morning (before lunch), aiming for a 75% hit rate
  • Use my sit-stand desk for 30 mins each morning and afternoon, aiming for a 75% hit rate
  • Continue my good exercise, diet, alcohol and flossing habits đŸ™‚

How is your 2022 going? Do you still have your goals in mind?