April has been a bit of a re-set month. I had two weeks’ holiday in Tasmania, went on a one week training course and some of my work pressures turned a corner. The much needed time out has given me some time to reflect.

My 2022 goals, to focus on fun and passion projects, have been feeling like they are too broad. I’ve decided to ditch the passion project list for now, and better articulate what I mean by ‘fun’. I’ve shifted this goal to focus on improving my mental wellbeing, and have formulated a ‘why’ behind it – to create a sustainable lifestyle. This means a BAU that I don’t need to constantly recover from, and I can live in the now without always feeling like I’m looking forward to something.

I’m also continuing to track my physical health and wellbeing and personal finances, which have been focuses in previous years. Although these are linked to mental wellbeing, and I’ve previously tried incorporating some mental health habits into my health habits, I think I’ll get value from separating it out as a goal.

Mental wellbeing

Doing a bit of thinking about what I’m trying to achieve and why, has helped me gain a bit of clarity on this goal that I’d previously just described as ‘fun’. Trackers are a really good tool for me to help put habits in place and identify where I need to re-center, but my March attempt wasn’t quite right.

This month, following some reflection on what this goal actually means for me, I’ve shifted the areas I want to track into higher level categories. I feel like this will give me a bit more freedom in how I fulfill them, and prevent them feeling like another project that needs managing and planning for.

This is a first go at the areas I think will help me, I’ll revise them as needed. They are somewhat inspired by the ‘healthy mind platter model’ but tweaked for my personality, and removing the physical aspects that are covered in my health tracker.

For example ‘connections’ is replaced by ‘alone time’ because as an introvert I’m fulfilled my relatively few social interactions which take up a lot of my energy. Alone time will include mindfulness activities like meditation and yoga. Learning/novelty includes travel so I’ve pre-coloured some travel and events that I have planned.

My Tassie trip has fulfilled my nature and novelty areas, and my training has added to that category, although I haven’t had much time for creating or alone time. My stress has decreased a little as work pressures have started to ease, but it’s not as low as I’d like it to be.

The beautiful South Cape beach, and well-earned view after a 2 hour hike

Physical health

Inspired by the Faded Jeans Living blog I’ve kickstarted a 90 day detox this month. My diet is usually pretty good, but this month it’s been about as good as I could ever get it with very few refined carbs and sugars, and almost no alcohol. I’ve finally managed to maintain a flossing habit, in part I think because my night time routine has not been disrupted by evenings of weekend drinking. Exercise, water and using my sit-stand desk have not been as great as I’d like but have not dropped off completely.

Personal finances

Staying with family on holiday meant that the trip was not overly expensive. Although we did eat out a fair bit we did a lot of free hiking and the couple of night’s hotel, airfares and tickets to events were all paid from last quarter’s fun budget.

This month I’ve invested $600 into shares, and I’m on track to achieve my quarterly goal of an extra $9k off the mortgage. Fuel costs have increased and I’ve had to adjust my budget accordingly, and I’m expecting the grocery bill to rise as well. Hopefully my reduced spending on alcohol will compensate!

How are your 2022 goals tracking?