2022 is my year to focus on fun and passion projects (see my plan here), but I also continue to track my health and wellbeing and personal finances, which have been focuses in previous years.

March has been another busy month with work, and I haven’t had the balance right with my personal goals and habits. There’s been a few times I’ve felt a bit overwhelmed, so much so that my sleep has suffered, which further exacerbates the situation. I also had a week in isolation, after caring for a family member with Covid and becoming a close contact.

I should have recognized the pressure early on as February was also quite full on, but I tried to push through. Not the best approach. I’m trying to do better at reaching a lifestyle balance that is sustainable. One where I don’t have ebbs and flows of habit maintenance and I don’t get burnt out and need to take extensive breaks.


Despite the isolation, and missing out on a few events we had pre-booked, this month featured a few socials. I’m a natural introvert, however, so interacting with people does drain me a bit. This might be contributing to my feeling of burn out!

Other fun activities have been a bit thin. We’ve done a few local walks, but I think pre-planning these will give us some extra motivation. I’m starting a list that so we can easily pick a hike each weekend without the hurdle of having to look one up.

I’ve also tried to narrow down the kinds of activities I consider as fun, and started a traffic light system. This has really helped me track my health habits so I thought I’d try it with this. I’ve been struggling with a good method to help me track fun – various calendar haven’t really been working that well, but this helps me see at a glance which focus areas need attention. I can also pre-color some months where I have things planned.

Trips and events might end up being a bit binary – either red or green, but I’ll see how it goes.

Passion projects

March project – freelance writing

April project – work project

At the start of the year I had a lot of different passion projects that I wanted to pursue, but I felt like I was being pulled in a lot of different directions. I’m trying to cut down the number of goals I have (thanks for the comment last month Michelle from Boomer Eco Crusader!), and I’ve decided to take on projects strictly on a one-by-one basis. I’ve set up a simple checklist, and I’ll be working through it over the course of the year.

This month will therefore be my last month freelance writing. I’ve learnt a heap from trying this out for the past three months (I’m planning a post on it) but it’s not easy. I’m not going to be able to make it part of my usual routine, and if I’m taking on writing projects I don’t have bandwidth for anything else.

Next month I have a big work project, so I’ll be making that my focus.

Health and wellbeing

Having being stretched thin this month, my health habits have suffered. One plus is that my flossing habit has been slightly better after my annual dental check-up and clean. And alcohol had a big cut-down this month, limited to a couple of beers on a Friday. I also got a much needed massage, but I don’t include it in my tracker as I only get them once a quarter and just use a repeating Trello card as a reminder.

Personal finances

This month I met my goal of $600 into my FIRE fund (investments) and my quarterly goal of paying off an extra $9k of my mortgage. I even had $33 to put into my ‘fun fund’ to roll over to the next quarter, and have already paid for airfare, hotels and car hire for our trip in April.

I got my temporary promotion made into a permanent promotion after winning a formal application process, which means my wage will start accumulating in my company’s scheme for automatic pay rises. I also asked for a salary increment seeing as I’ve been acting in the position for a fair while, and I got it! It’s something that I’ve never had the guts to do before, but it was well worth the effort in putting together a case because it’s an ongoing benefit. I might write a post on what I included in my request.

How are your 2022 goals faring? Any successes to celebrate, or failures you have learnt from?