My attitude towards my diet changed when I started to think about food as nutrition rather than just fuel. The old adage is true, you are what you eat.

But food is not the only thing that feeds you, and I’ve started to become more aware of the other things that I consume – media and entertainment. Some of it is positive and helps make you stronger, a lot is negative and creates a weaker mindset.

I’ve never been a voracious consumer of social media or image centered content, and have cut down the amount of news I watch over the past two years as much of the Covid coverage began to be so negative and repetitive. I also don’t engage in ‘recreational outrage’ – looking at things that are designed to elicit a shock negative response.

But I do read a lot of articles and watch a fair amount of YouTube videos on self development and financial freedom.

This year is my year of focus on fun, and I’ve started to think that I should adjust my media intake accordingly.

Getting outside of the automated feed

The YouTube algorithm, Google’s suggested articles and my followed WordPress blogs and podcasts give me plenty of new content to explore. But to a certain extent, much of it is the same or similar and is based on what I’ve previously liked, or searched for.

I’m trying to approach my media consumption a bit more neutrally, by thinking about what I want to learn about or read about before I open up my browsers and get siphoned off into pre-generated suggestions.

I can then make an intentional search for some new topics rather than passively choosing something from a pre-narrowed list.

Challenging my perspective

I’ve spent a few years now working on my financial freedom, and minimizing and decluttering. Although I still get value from content that discusses these subjects, I’ve already implemented much of the basics and I’m already convinced of the benefits. When I watch and read this content, I’m affirming my life choices. I agree with most if not all of what the author is saying, and I’m not challenging my existing perspective.

I’d like to try and make sure I hear some different voices and points of view.

Life imitates art

I’m focusing on bringing some more fun activities into my routines this year, so I’m trying to balance some of the more serious content I usually look at with some lighter input.

Although it’s important not to mistake watching videos of an activity with doing the activity itself, I find watching people do something that I’m keen to do myself provides a lot of inspiration.

I’ll be trying to find more creators and documentaries that show outdoor adventuring, fun road trips and travel until I can start doing more of the same.

Are you intentional about the media you consume?