2022 is my year for focusing on my passion projects and having fun. After two years of COVID restrictions and feeling a bit like life is on hold, I’m ready to inject some enjoyment.

Every year I choose a focus area (see my post on my New Year’s focus). In 2020 I got my personal finances in order, and in 2021 I worked on establishing some habits for my health and wellbeing. Now that these aspects are in ‘maintenance mode’ I’m using 2022 to work out which activities I can lean into, to gain the most joy for my time and money.

I’ve done a little bit of thinking about this project and what I want to achieve (see my project planning post) but now I’m ready to share some of my more granular plans for how I’m going to work on this. My approach is to treat the year like an experiment, figuring out what I like most, trying new things and seeing where I can optimize.

Like any experiment, I’m starting off with a hypothesis to test. These are the activities that I think I’ll get joy from, that I’m going to start off with.

Fun experiences

Yoga – I used to do a weekly lunchtime yoga session that I not only enjoyed, but also improved my posture and my general fitness. I’ll look for a regular class that I can join that fits in with my routine and workplace.

Massage – Last year, I got a lot of value from massages, but it’s easy to forget to book them until I start getting pain in my neck and shoulders. A quarterly massage should be enough to keep on top of my aches and keep me relaxed.

Events – This will include sporting events (local rugby and AFL games), music, theatre and maybe some random classes to try.

Trips – I love being outdoors and going on hikes, so I’m keen to plan some outdoors-focused trips. This will include day trips, weekend trips and longer holidays.

Passion projects

I have a few hobbies that I enjoy, but I’d like to see if I can focus them a bit more this year and complete some projects. It’s not necessarily about making money, more about building my skills and outputs with a bit more thought and starting those ‘someday’ projects.

Writing – I love writing this blog and will continue, but I’d like to explore some other avenues for getting my writing out there. I have some ideas for freelance writing and maybe even writing something for an audio book.

Art – I enjoy painting, digital drawing and mixed media crafting, but I’d like to see if I can put my creations to use instead of just storing them.

Gardening – Gardening is a really relaxing and rewarding past-time for me. I already have my own veggie garden so not sure I’ll do anything with this hobby, but it’s on the list as I’ll maintain the activity and maybe I’ll think of a project during the year.

What fun activities and passion projects are you looking forward to in 2022?