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Download my zero dollar annual budget template!

The biggest thing that has helped me with my personal finance goals is making a budget.

There are lots of different types, I’ve found a ‘zero dollar format’ works best for me. You assign each dollar to a different spend category, or to savings, at the beginning of each payday. This helps pay yourself first, and also plan out where you want your money to go.

When I was working as a contractor I didn’t get paid for any annual leave or sick leave, and depending on the hours I worked my take-home pay would fluctuate. To help me budget for my vacation time (I took a 4-week break to Europe every year, during which time I wouldn’t get any pay) I set up a zero dollar budget for the whole year.

Now that I’m fully employed I still use an annual zero dollar budget, as it helps me set annual finance goals. I can see exactly how realistic my savings goals are, and track my progress towards them.

If you think that this might be helpful I’ve created a zero dollar annual budget template, which you can download for $2.75 (AUD) from my Etsy site. It takes a while to initially set up, but then recording expenditure each payday is pretty straightforward.

The free version is still available (click on the download button), but the paid one has been updated with a much better set of instructions and I have also included my actual budget figures for 2022.

Have you tried out this template? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments!

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