There’s about two weeks left until the Christmas break and the fresh start that comes with New Year, and I’m soooo looking forward to it!

With such a short way to go until 2022, it’s easy to feel like giving up on 2021. Diet goes out of the window because of the festivities, exercise takes second place to the last push at work, and there’s no point making any progress on any projects because you’re not going to achieve anything before the end of the year…..

I’m feeling the burn after another marathon year, but even if I’m not exactly sprinting towards the finish line I’m determined not to collapse completely before the end. Sixteen or so days is a long time to let habits drop, and I don’t want to be starting off at the back of the corral come January 1st.

I’m not aiming for perfection (and possible burnout) but I am trying to keep the wheels on track until the end, ready to do it all over again!

This post was inspired by a similar one from Faded Jeans Living – check out this blog to share in updates on Dwight’s journey for growth and finding happiness.

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you should eat junk for an entire month

From the first day the chocolate advent calendar got popped open, I’ve been hearing people say “well, it is Christmas” to justify the big treat they are about to tuck into. I’m not a complete Grinch, but I’m just saying that the actual festive season is only about a week. If not less. Even then, you can pare it down further and only actually let yourself loose on the day itself, plus a few social gatherings.

No need to stock up on processed snacks and sugary treats to be eaten morning, noon and night for the entirety of December. Commercials have us wired to think that Christmas begins in November, and you might start getting organised from then, but it shouldn’t be an excuse to have a complete blow-out for weeks on end.

It’s so much easier to re-start the healthy diet in January if you don’t need to restart from scratch.

Same goes for alcohol. We will be continuing our little rule of only drinking socially, outside of the house.

Keep on moving!

Even if I’m not putting in my full 5km twice per week, I’m still going to the gym and getting walks in whenever I can. It’s not about smashing it out at the end of the year, it’s just about keeping up some kind of momentum so I don’t start January feeling like the tin man.

Over the break I’ll be starting each day with a walk or run and a stretch, seeing as I won’t have the excuse of needing to get to work on time.

What else can you achieve in fourteen(ish) days?

It might be too late to achieve your 50-books-in-a-year goal, but how much further can you push the needle? Two books? One book? Any kind of progress is better than none at all.

Even better, if you’re really close to meeting a target for a project, can you double down and get it done?

Fourteen days at the start of the year, when you’re feeling fresh and motivated, feels like a decent amount of time to achieve something. Just because it comes in December, mixed up with a bunch of other people’s priorities, don’t let that distract you from doing something that’s important to you.

If you’re really short on time and energy, you could pick a mini-project to end the year on a high and motivate yourself to try again next year if things didn’t go to plan. If you had a goals to declutter your house, maybe you clear out your bedside table?

How is your end of year run going? Let me know in the comments!