Whenever we are trying to achieve something, we should always be looking for things that deliver the most bang for buck (or for effort).

I’ve been thinking about where this applies when you are trying to declutter and organise your home. I’ve almost come through the other side of some major house renovations, and whilst living in amongst the chaos, staying 100% organised is impossible. There are, however, a couple of key areas that seem to make much more difference to my state of mind than others.

An area for keys and wallet – Keep a designated area, or a small container, to dump keys, wallet, lanyards etc as soon as you come in the door. Not only does this keep important items safe and less likely to be lost, it removes a bit of stress from the start and end of your day.

Bedside table – Ideally your whole bedroom would be free from mess, but when this isn’t possible keeping at least your bedside table tidy brings benefit. It’s the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see at night.

Laundry – It doesn’t take long to throw clothes into the washing machine, but make sure you follow through with drying and putting things away to avoid the task stretching into perpetuity and riles of clothes in the the various stages taking over the house. Get rid of the ‘chairdrobe’ or ‘floordrobe’ – if clothes are clean enough to wear again, they are clean enough to go back into your wardrobe!

Work area – For any regular hobby or work that you do, keep a dedicated area clear to do this task. This avoids the barrier or distraction that you might feel if you need to tidy up before you begin. For me at the moment, this is as simple as making sure my laptop and charger are in a safe spot near the couch, where they’re not going to get trodden on or tea spilt on them.

Day bag – Even if your home is disorganised chaos, don’t let it leak out into the rest of your life! Keep your bag packed with the things you need to ensure you can exercise, eat well and avoid convenience spending when you’re outside of the home.

Which areas do you absolutely need to keep tidy in order to function? Let me know in the comments!