Goals and values

Inspiration from the Olympics

Imagine being judged on your performance only once every four years. If you do well you will be showered with praise and earn the admiration of your entire nation… If you don’t execute to perfection, if you’re not in the right frame of mind, if you fall short of expectations you don’t get another chance to prove yourself. Welcome to the Olympics!!!

I love watching the Olympics and seeing professional athletes putting themselves through the biggest test of their career is a huge inspiration. Here’s a few things I’m loving about Tokyo 2020.

The Olympics are actually happening! – Despite Covid, Japan has found a way to make sure that the event has still gone ahead, even if things are a little different and a year later than originally planned. This is a great lesson in what it means to be flexible and focusing on what’s important. Yes, there are no crowds but it’s still the world’s best competing against one another. Yes, there are masks worn on the podiums, but it’s still gold, silver and bronze medals being won and world records being broken. I’m getting a great boost being able to watch the Olympics from home as I’m sure plenty of others are around the world.

Watching dedication pay off – Races last a few minutes or just seconds, but they are a display of a lifetime of dedication and hard work. It’s easy to see the final outcome and be inspired, but what you don’t see is the years of training and commitment that go into that achievement. The building blocks that culminate in recognition on the world stage are all done day-to-day, away from the cameras and any glamour.

Performances under pressure – Being the best in training and heats doesn’t count for anything, it’s only the final that matters! Performing at your peak during that key moment has a lot to do with how you cope psychologically with pressure. Sometimes athletes cave under it, sometimes athletes thrive under it. You need focus but you also need to put aside the external stresses and somehow forget that the weight of a nation is on your shoulders.

Niche sports – The Olympics are a great showcase for less well known sports that you don’t watch on a regular basis. I love getting into the more niche events and learning about the techniques used, rules that I didn’t know about and the particular challenges of events. I’ll be looking out for the canoe slalom, sport climbing and artistic swimming for something a little different!

The hydrogen torch – The Tokyo Olympics are being used as a showcase for a fuel of the future – renewable hydrogen. The entire Olympic village, buses and cars that transport athletes and their cohorts to and from events, and even the Olympic torch itself are all powered by green hydrogen. It’s being made from solar power at a plant built in the Fukushima exclusion zone. It’s not only the athletes that are inspiring the future!

What are you enjoying about the Tokyo 2020 Olympics? Are you getting the same level of inspiration as me?!

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