You might have noticed a change to my last few blog posts…. I quit creating my own images for each post.

So what triggered this change? I started out thinking that I would use this blog as a platform to also publish my digital illustrations, and that it would provide a driver to practice drawing more regularly. This did work, but then I noticed that the image was taking longer than the actual blog and even worse, was becoming the bottle neck in the publishing process.

My first instinct was to push through the friction I was feeling and continue what I’d started. I’m a ‘completist’ by nature and find it difficult to quit or put anything down. It took a bit of critical analysis to enable me to simplify my blogging process and let this go.

We use the same process in professional organisations. We often talk about not trying to do everything, but strategically focusing on the things that deliver the best bang for buck. Here is the decision process I used for blogging, which can be used to simplify any project or regular commitment.

What is the relative resource cost? Although I enjoyed creating images and it wasn’t costing me anything, it was probably taking about twice or three times the time it took for me to write a blog.

Is it something that gives you energy or takes it away? Because I need my drawing pad to create images I can only do them at home and at a table. This introduces a barrier as I need to be in a specific place and usually need to tidy up to make a clear space before I begin. The process is quite energy draining. Writing the blog is much more flexible as I can type from anywhere or even use the phone app, and I can work whenever I have an idea and feel energised.

What is it adding to the project’s objectives? The reason I started a blog was that I had all these ideas and systems that I thought could help other people if I shared them. In the future, it would be nice if I could generate some side income. None of this would happen if nobody saw my blog, and having a thumbnail image makes readers more likely to click on the post, but it doesn’t have to be an originally created one. My drawings are also definitely too amateur to create any income and I don’t have the inclination to practice until they are good enough to do so.

Is there an alternative? Yes! I can effectively outsource the images by using the WordPress library of free images. Easy!

If you drop this, can you double down on something else that delivers more value? Yes! I’d originally carved out enough time in my weekly schedule to post once per fortnight. Not having to also create an image for each one means that I can easily commit to blogging once a week.

So now you can look forward to double the content from me 🙂

Have you quit something that wasn’t delivering value? Did you swap it for something much better? Let me know in the comments!

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