Health and wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing – May update

My ‘project’ for 2021 is a focus on health and wellbeing, and as part of the plan I will be monitoring progress through monthly reviews, which I’ll share here.

Monitoring should not be confused with evaluation – these monthly updates are not an assessment of whether or not my annual plan is a success or failure. Monitoring is to check the planned actions are being done, that the immediate effects of these actions are still contributing towards the overall goal and that the actions can be achieved with the planned resources. I’m using these monthly monitoring posts to see if there are any mini-corrections I need to make, such as altering the action/goal or committing more or less resources. I can also see if there is a particular area I need to lean into.

When reporting monitoring on projects I like to use a traffic light system. It’s simple to communicate but also simple to assess. I read a great post from ‘Live Well by Alison’ that describes an approach to healthy eating using a ‘good/sometimes OK’, ‘better’ ‘best’ system. I really like the simplicity and positivity of the system, and the way that it avoids the tendency to strive for perfection.

I’ve decided to use it when monitoring my health and wellbeing habits, so red = ok, yellow = better and green = best. Importantly, ‘best’ is not 100% for the month, but more of a 80/20 rule which is much more achievable and reasonable.

Exercise – May has seen a ramp up in disruption thanks to renos, and a few late nights at work, resulting in runs only once per week. Eventually I’d like to be able to shift my runs to the morning, to avoid them being interrupted by work events during the day, but I’m not quite up to early starts just yet.

Diet – Despite not having a functioning kitchen for the better part of the month, diet stayed on track. We made the effort to take ingredients around to relative’s houses to cook dinner, and used simple pre-made soups to keep lunch healthy.

Flossing – This has dropped off a little, down to once or twice per week. I’ll need to refresh this habit next month.

Organisation – I’ve stayed in control of my to-do list and reorganised my ‘Getting things done’ Trello board to put the next item for each project into my ‘Action’ list. This is not quite green as I’d like to be planning ahead a bit more.

Stress induction – I feel like we are almost at the hump of house renos, and once the kitchen is in some order we’ll be on the downward slope. For now though, the home project plus work is not leaving any extra room for anything else.

Stress reduction – In May I took a week to attend a leadership course. It was great to spend some dedicated time on my own professional development and I felt much more inspired to go back to work and apply what I had learnt.

How are your 2021 goals tracking? I’d love to hear how you are going in the comments!

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