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Self improvement, financial freedom, minimalism and achieving everyday goals using strategic thinking from the corporate world


I’m aiming for self improvement, financial freedom, minimalism and health and wellbeing. I try to take some of the thinking and frameworks that are used with success in the corporate world and apply them to my own, everyday life.

Businesses expend a lot of effort to deliver intentional outcomes, and then optimize practices to better achieve them. Yet many of us drift through life and expect our goals to just fall into place. We exhaust all our strategic thinking during the hours of 9 to 5 and leave the rest up to chance.

I’m trying to increase productivity, reassess life goals and reduce stress using techniques that have been proven in the work place…. or at least make some nice looking spreadsheets in the process.

I share some of the insights that have helped me, and I hope can help others.

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Eight tips for efficient cleaning

I hate cleaning. It feels like a waste of time because you can never really ‘get ahead’ or build on anything. Things will always get dirty again, and it’s a constant battle against the dust and grime. But I really love living in a clean environment. What to do? Hire a cleaner? At the moment, […]

What does an ideal day look like?

A while back I re-jigged my daily routine to incorporate all the habits I wanted to bring in. Even though I rarely followed it 100%, I think it’s good to at least have a framework that you know is feasible and practical, to aim for. The last couple of months I’ve been in a bit […]

July 2022 update – doing more by doing less

My 2022 focus is to build sustainable wellbeing, and I’m also tracking my physical health and wellbeing and personal finances, which have been focuses in previous years. The cold weather and subsequent low motivation from June has continued into July. I’m finding it very difficult to get back into a regular exercise habit, having only […]

Why property is not part of my FIRE plan

I’m going to say it upfront, this post will be controversial for some. As you read, please bear in mind that this is my personal view, and explains my personal reasons for not going down the property path to FIRE. I’m not judging those that have, it’s just not my choice. The reason I don’t […]

Is it ok to talk about personal finance?

In my culture it’s taboo to talk about your personal finances. I grew up in the UK, where the rudest thing you can do (apart from skip a queue) is to ask someone about how much they earn or what to do with money. It’s seen as showing off if you’re rich, or self-deprecating if […]

The 80/20 rule for special occasions

You’ll hear the 80/20 rule being spruiked in any number of productivity forums. It relates to the fact that in most situations, 80% of the outcome and be achieved with 20% of the effort, and that final 20% often costs more than it’s worth. A couple of weeks ago I went to a wedding. The […]

Declutter more effectively by knowing who you are

Identity is an important part of building a work team. Knowing who you are allows you to establish strong roles that have purpose and deliver impact. You can define a clear scope of work that stops jobs continuously being added to the team, without the additional support. And you can create an inspiring mission statement […]

My top five tips for minimalist travel

As the world is starting to open up, I thought now might be a good time to share some of my favorite travel tips. I’ve been lucky enough to visit around 30 countries in my lifetime, on lots of different types of trips, and even spent an entire year backpacking in South America. Here are […]

June 2022 update – the winter of my discontent?

There’s no mincing words, June has been pretty miserable. Australia is in the midst of a polar cold snap (the actual phrase used on the weather report!), and on top of feeling burnt out at the start of month I’ve had colds/flu/stomach ache more weeks than not. Still no Covid – that’s still out there […]

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