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Self improvement, financial freedom, minimalism and achieving everyday goals using strategic thinking from the corporate world


I’m aiming for self improvement, financial freedom, minimalism and health and wellbeing. I try to take some of the thinking and frameworks that are used with success in the corporate world and apply them to my own, everyday life.

Businesses expend a lot of effort to deliver intentional outcomes, and then optimize practices to better achieve them. Yet many of us drift through life and expect our goals to just fall into place. We exhaust all our strategic thinking during the hours of 9 to 5 and leave the rest up to chance.

I’m trying to increase productivity, reassess life goals and reduce stress using techniques that have been proven in the work place…. or at least make some nice looking spreadsheets in the process.

I share some of the insights that have helped me, and I hope can help others.

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Is there such a thing as being too organized?

If you’ve read a couple of my posts, you’ll know that I love being organized. The act of decluttering and sorting gives me a sense of control and I immediately feel like I’ve accomplished something. Every morning when I get my socks from the dedicated drawer, divided up by types (black for business, colored for […]

Feeling burnt out and what I’m going to do about it

Last week I was busy procrastinating on a task I couldn’t summon the motivation to get started on. The YouTube algorithm then provided me with a great little video – 6 signs you’re burnt out, not lazy and I was struck with the sudden realization that I AM burnt out! I really identified with the […]

When you don’t have the same goals as your partner

Aligned values are an important factor in a successful relationship. These are the deep and meaningful things like fairness and morality. But above this are our life goals. They might reflect our values, but how we chose to embody them is highly personal. How we go about pursuing our goals is then built on a […]

The abundance mindset for financial independence

The road to financial independence is looonnnng. Even if you have a frugal lifestyle and you’re socking away a high proportion of your salary, for most of us it’s going to take at least 8-12 years to save enough in investments to cover our expenses. And that’s if everything goes to plan. I’ve been on […]

May 2022 update – refining what I need, to sustain my wellbeing

Last month was a re-set for me. I changed my 2022 focus from what was a surface level goal, ‘fun’ and ‘passion projects’, to something a bit deeper. Instead of thinking about ‘what’ I want to do, I’ve been thinking about ‘why’ and rearticulated my objective into creating a sustainable lifestyle. It’s not about filling […]

Holding things lightly

Minimalism is all about letting go of things that don’t give you value. But it’s not just about the physical things. I recently read a great article about holding things lightly in a psychological sense (I would have put a link to it but it appeared in my feed and then I couldn’t find it […]

1% stress reductions for my daily routine

My 2022 focus has morphed from ‘fun’ and ‘passion projects’ into building a more sustainable lifestyle that is better for my mental health. One aspect of this is to reduce the amount of stress that I feel. This is partly the pressure that I feel through my job, but it is also the small stresses […]

Adjusting to inflation rises

Inflation is starting to rise pretty much all over the world. Cash rates have gone up, which will almost certainly be followed by interest rates on mortgages, and the cost of basic goods and fuel has increased. Inflation really starts to bite when wages don’t increase, reducing spending power. The macro economic effects might be […]

My simple work-out routine

Over the years I’ve simplified my exercise routine to something that is easily repeatable, and focuses on the areas I want to improve. Gone are the complex systems of cardio, strength and flexibility days. Instead, I have a 60 minute session (including shower time!) that I can go through as many times per week as […]

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