Businesses expend a lot of effort to deliver intentional outcomes, and then optimize practices to better achieve them. Yet many of us drift through life and expect our goals to just fall into place. We exhaust all our strategic thinking during the hours of 9 to 5 and leave the rest up to chance.

I’m aiming for financial freedom, health and wellbeing, and finding purpose. I try to take some of the thinking and frameworks that are used with success in the corporate world and apply them to my own, everyday life.

Increase productivity, reassess life goals and reduce stress using techniques that have been proven in the work place…. or at least make some nice looking spreadsheets in the process.

I share some of the insights that have helped me, and I hope can help others.

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How to make work bearable

If you’re part of the millions that are rethinking your jobs after Covid, but haven’t quite made the move to join the Great Resignation, you might be feeling a bit stuck. We’ve all been there, doing a job you dislike, but somehow the pandemic is instilling a new urgency to do something about it. Covid… Continue reading How to make work bearable

Is Vocal worth it?

This year I’m focusing on spending some time on passion projects, some of which revolve around writing (see my 2022 plan). One of the activities I’ve explored is using Vocal to publish some of the short stories that I had lurking in my Google drive (see my stories posted here). Whilst it was a good… Continue reading Is Vocal worth it?

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